We also have a 28 Ford roadster, which I completely rebuilt in the early 80's. This has basically all 66 Mustang running gear, 289 engine, C4 automatic, and an 8" rear axle with 2.80 road gears. I put the GM disk brakes on this car also, but by using Mopar rotors, you can retain the 5 on 4 1/2" Ford bolt pattern.

Our basic beater/parts runner is a 49 Chevy (3 window) pick-up. Pretty much original, at first glance. I drove this for almost ten years with a 283 bolted up to the original 4-speed, and the original torque tube rear. The 283 died, in December of 1999, so I built a mild 283 using power pack heads, with hardened exhaust seats, 305 1.84 intake valves, a mild Schneider cam, 9.2:1 compression. This was also a good time to update the rest of the truck. I used a 77 GMC 2wd as a donor to use the complete front IFS, powersteering, power front disks, wiring harness, steering column, pedal assy and probably a few other items. I rebuilt a TH350 with a shift kit to put behind the 283, and used a 78 Chevy 2wd 6 cyl (3.40:1) rear axle with the stock 77 Jimmy steel wheels all around with 215 R75 tires.