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The photo above is an original 1947 trailer, according to the current owner. It was for sale for $850 at the time I took the picture, and I don't know if it ever sold, however it is no longer in the parking lot of the antique store where this photo was taken. A good price for a decent trailer, however this one is basically just good for making patterns. The springs were discarded at some point, and the axle welded solidly to the 2 inch angle iron frame. The galley, and partition were apparently also discarded to haul larger material of some kind. Needless to say without any suspension, it has been beat to death over bumps etc. The wood is in poor condition under the aluminum skin, suffering from severe dry rot. I asked, and obtained permission to take extensive measurements from the trailer.
Having decided to build a replica of one of these tear drop trailers, I started looking for information about them. I soon found the Tales & Trails the Teardrop Times newsletter dedicated to these trailers. They indicate it's "published quarterly (more or less)" by Grant & Lisa Whipp, in Redding , California. The complete address is:

Tales & Trails the Teardrop Times

12442 Maria Drive

Redding, California 96003

The Tales & Trails pages can be reached here.

I've broken this trailer section up, since the pictures take time to load.

You can click this to continue and follow along as the trailer slowly begins to take shape, or here for the maiden voyage to "Streak 25" at Mission Bay in San Diego, the weekend of May 8th, 1998.

Tear drop trailer links

Since putting up these pages I've been contacted by several folks sharing an interest in these trailers. Several of these pages offer links to other web pages pertaining to these or similar trailers. Check em out.

You can click here for George Thorntons pages, or here for (Phil Ennis') Lonely Teardrops pages.


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