Stage 3 or MORE power

These two pictures were taken just outside the new garage while I was making new steel tubing headers. I had sanded it with 320 paper and it was ready for a coat of dark gray "hotrod" primer, whenever my buddy working in the body shop notified me he could sneak it in.

This stage consisted of a early 49-53 block, bored 3/16" (335cu in) 58 heads, Forged True 7:1 blower pistons, CSC chrome crank and special rods, Engle blower special cam and kit, Cragar 671 drive kit, New Potvin prepped surplus 671 ($175) and 4 port Hilborns with a Joe Reath rear blower plate fuel pump drive, Moon front cover and valve covers.

I had replaced the 36 tranny with a B&M Hydro and the rear came from a 51 Olds with early Pontiac 4.30:1 gears, and no posi unit.

I'm afraid these two photo's are in bad shape and didn't scan too well.

Note my Green 57 150 series in the background, my driver/tow car at the time.