The patch panels you can purchase just didn't seem to fit right, so I ended up making my own from 20ga cold rolled steel. This is a slow process of hammer welding, shrinking, etc trying to keep distortion to a minimum.

The doors were drastically consumed by rust on the bottoms, however the previous owner just filled them with bodyman in a can, and they were repaired! Same as the rest of the lower sections I had to chip out the bondo and trim down to reasonably solid metal, then weld in patch panels.

Below you can see the piece welded into the bottom of the door. The hard part was making and welding in the compound curve inner piece of the door bottom.

(NOTE my old "OVERHEADS" club plaque, from the 50's in St. Paul, bolted to the workbench.

Next were the cowl side panels, with rust and bullet holes to repair and the deck lid, which was severely rusted away on one side, probably from sitting on the ground at one time. I also converted it to a rumble type lid.

I covered what was left of the subframe with 1/8" steel, and fabricated the rest from the same material. This is the foundation for the body, and being a roadster it's wiggly anyway, so it's very important to make this as rigid as possible, or you'll never keep your doors aligned.