What has become my perpetual project, it seems, is a 1940 Willys coupe. This was a 60's era drag car prior to my acquiring it in 1984. I'm trying to keep it era correct, with a straight tube believed to be a Jim Kirby "Challenger Equip" axle, moved above the parallel leaf springs. I adapted Volvo 166S disk brakes to the Willys spindles, a near bolt on, and also keeps the stock 5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern. The parts for the Volvo calipers & rotors have become so expensive I recently used Charlie Stephens old kit along with a Speedway Motors kit for a early Ford to adapt GM calipers with Mopar/Ford rotors to keep the 5 X4 1/2 bolt pattern..

Power is provided by a 394 cu in 1957(bored 1/8") Olds engine, mated to a TH400 transmission. This is accomplished with a 5/8" aluminum semi-circular plate, and a steel spool sandwiching a early Olds 4-speed hydro flywheel to the crank, with a late model flexplate on the other end of the spool. This allows starting of the engine, and mounting of the late model torque converter.

The rear axle is a non-narrowed 57/58 Olds housing, with a Detroit Locker carrier, mounting 3.90 gears. The rear brakes were a set of rare Kelsey Hayes floating dual caliper disks, but parts are hard to find and big $$$, so I bought a Wilwood kit.

Most of the removable body sections were replaced with early fibre glass renderings, many years ago.Only the actual body itself is original steel.

The front wheels are 15x4, very similar to Halibrand, but were made by "Kens Equipment" in Culver City. The rear wheels are 16x10 real Magnesium Halibrand's, so they tarnish up in a heartbeat. I've also added a modified 12pt Alston cage, for safety, and to stiffen up the much modified original Willys frame.