California Dream'n

I enlisted in the Army in November of 1962, and served three years as a radar repairman on a mountain top in West Germany. I returned in 1965 and used some of my GI Bill money to go to a computer school, and work part-time for my current employer. When I finished school I was converted from part to full time and sent to San Diego as a field rep in July of 1967, at the Navy Electronics Lab. The photo below was taken on July 5, 1967 as I was leaving for California in my three week old 2+2, 390 GTA Mustang, also my first "NEW" car.

Resurrection of the Victoria - 1972

This picture was taken in 1972, with the vicky (behind the kids) as I left it in 1967.

I got married, started a family, and we bought our first house in 1971. I drove back to Minnesota in the summer 1972 and my oldest son (white shirt above) and I pulled the vicky back to our house in Oceanside behind my 70 1/2 Z28, on a tow bar.

Here we are at our destination, the garage at our house in Oceanside, where I've already started dismantling the project.

We moved to our first "NEW" home in Carlsbad in 1973. My wife spotted a 30 pick-up at the Fallbrook swap meet that year, so the vicky was on the back burner for a while. Here are a few shots of the 30 "stocker" as I redid it.