Here is what we started with in 1980.

A quick-fixer-upper which turned into a several year project.

The photo below pretty much depicts the "craftsmanship" carried throughout the car. The decklid is held open with the large stick, and the stir stick stuck to the tank is the gas gauge. Note the piece of wire securing the stir stick does double duty, as it's the only thing holding the 10 gallon fuel tank in the car. A rapid start could cause the wire to break, allowing the tank to go up over the cross member and out on the road through the missing floor panel! The battery wasn't secured in any way and appeared to have tipped over several times, from the amount of acid damage in the wood area. There wasn't a fuse in the car electricals anywhere, which goes to show "ignorance is very forgiving." If I had tried to drive this thing, I have no doubt it would have become another burned spot on the side of the road.